sac à dos de sport compartimenté

Separate sportswear from business wear

The Smartbag’s dedicated compartments make it easy to find room for all your stuff. Give your bag a break!

sac de sport Smartbag 40 KARKOA
Vidéo sac de sport Plume 20 KARKOA
sac de sport pour le travail

From the workplace to the sports hall

Just one bag for sports and weekend trips

Time-tested solutions

The bags

Sports bag and computer Nomad 25 Red Black 74 €
Sports bag Smartbag 40 Smartbag 40E Urban Grey 89 €
sac-sport-femme-compartiment-karkoa-rose Plume 20 Rose Grey 74 €
sac-sport-week-end-tepee Tepee 45 Orange Sunrise 89 €
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    Approved by users
  • High quality guaranteed
    High quality guaranteed
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    The right price
  • Includes a 2 year guarantee
    Includes a 2 year guarantee

Product features

Karkoa is a sports bag specialist committed to designing high quality products that are both innovative and stylish.

All our sports bags are exceptional and specifically designed for people who do sports activities after work.

We’ve thought about all situations whether you play football, squash, go swimming, cycling, go to the gym, and how you get there by car, on the tube or whatever transport you use.

Opt for the best sports bags from Karkoa, designed by sports people for sports people.